Be creative with the Broad Family Room

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 - Living Room, Paint Color, Tips
Amazing Broad Family Room With Great View

You may be fortunate to have a Broad Family Room, but you should know well how to combine them into a more comfortable and enjoyable. Selection of light, design and furniture that fit will help you realize a more comfortable family room.

Arrange your furniture.
Broad set of sofa is a great way to separate a lot of activity in the space. You are free to chat in the corner, joking at another angle, or read a book in a quieter corner. Combine a wide sofa with stool, small stool and tapestry.

Bright colors.
The bright colors on the walls will increase the value of your living room, making it feel more intimate and fun. See also Create the Perfect Family Room.

Broad Family Room Design For Modern House

Contemporary Broad Family Room Interior Photo

Interesting ceiling.
More decorative ceiling space will eliminate the monotonous impression of your room. Read also Make Simple and Affordable Family Room.

Elegant Broad Family Room Interior Design

Furniture Idea For Broad Family Room

Different carpet.
Use carpets and rugs of different shades in your room spacious. Try to combine the color of the carpet from one corner to the other, this will make each corner in your living room looks flowing and interesting.

Minimalist Broad Family Room Design Image

Modern Creative Family Room Design Idea

Make two lines
If you have a large enough space to put the 2 sofas in the living room, make two different paths that can be accessed by guests making it easier for guests to move to another room as a dining room or kitchen. Two of these lines is good access for everyone so as not to run into each other and stand in the way of each into the other room.

Work space.
Add a mini office in your living room and put a bookshelf and a table there. If you need a relaxing space, you may omit this section, but if you have a large family with diverse activities and hobbies, this idea may be better applied.

Use a distance of 18 inches.
Distance of 18 inches is the proper distance to separate each furniture (between the couch and table, or couch and chair) so guests will be more comfortable passing between two furniture.

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